Latest News
14.Apr.02  A new song for the game is in the works. Preview 'Wandering'.
14.Apr.02  New 'preview' website and design has been completed and is online.
13.Apr.02  The game engine now has early code to support music.
12.Apr.02  Alx has donated the first music track for the game. 'Marooned'.
12.Apr.02  Alex Wallbank (alx) has joined the project as a musician.

Development Team
Eric Bickle  Team leader, game design, lead programmer.
Alex Wallbank  Game musician.

Sample Character Art
29.Mar.02 Werewolf male - walk animation.
29.Mar.02  Orc female - walk animation.
29.Mar.02 Egyptian male - standing.
03.Mar.02 Tribal warrior male - standing.
03.Mar.02 Female paladin - standing.


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